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Our story

We are Sabine & Jean-Eric, Bastien, Andréa, Clémentine, Charlotte

Originally from Marseille, we began our lives as a couple, then as a family, a long way from our home region. Some 15 years later, after moving several times for professional reasons, we’re finally back in our home town

Lovers of the sea, we have returned every summer to enjoy sailing the local area with our wider family in the family sailboat which is based in the heart of the Vieux Port.  However, now that we’re based here full time, we can finally make our dreams come true and enjoy our own sailboat for our Mediterranean escapades.  Residents for the first time in the heart of a big city, this is our terrace, our garden.

In 2015, in our family’s building in Notre Dame du Mont, we had the opportunity to acquire the whole 2nd floor apartment. Located less than a 15 minute walk from the Vieux Port, the combination of apartment and waterfront garden appealed to everyone, so we went for it.

It had been unoccupied for 10 years, so everything had to be redone. We started from scratch, rethinking everything, and redistributing all the rooms sympathetically with the original architecture… After 8 months of work, the result was a combination of modern and old, comfort and authenticity. A light-filled apartment with two separate entrances. It has been a fantastic family home for us since we came back to Marseille.

Living in Marseille again after many years away, we have been amazed at how much the city has changed! What energy! What creativity! We enjoy welcoming our friends and helping them discover our city!


Although the whole 2nd floor apartment suited us well as a family home, as our children grew up and went to college, the rooms gradually became empty… and little by little, the desire to welcome and share our vision and our love of Marseille and the sea emerged. We wanted to do more than just rent accommodation and leave keys in a box. We wanted to share, to meet, to put the human touch on city tourism, to offer a human experience in the heart of Marseille!

La Maison Vague was born.